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One of the things that keeps a city alive and kicking with vigor is the inhabitants living within its arms. No matter how great a city looks, if no one’s around to be proud of it, then it’s as good as nothing. Many tourist destinations have their own physical attributes to boast, but Spokane in Washington has the energy of its locals as its major asset.


Spokane will give you the best of the metropolis vibe, but wait until you get in touch with its people and it will pump your blood and make everything more interesting. Take part in their happy festivals, dive into the noise of the bustling community and mimic their joyous stance in life. Certainly, a trip to Spokane is worth it.


On the map, Spokane, Washington can be found at the Spokane River, in the eastern area of the state. Spokane is elevated above ground at 562 meters and spans a total land area of 155.42 square kilometers.


The metropolis is currently inhabited by a whopping total of almost 213,000 and is considered to be part of the Inland Northwest Region. Spokane is 32 kilometers from Idaho, 373 kilometers off of Seattle, and just 446 kilometers from Canada’s Calgary.


Due to the fact that it is elevated slightly higher than its neighboring cities and towns, Spokane is classified under the humid continental climate category according to Koppen.


However, there are ongoing debates that the city can also experience a warm-summer Mediterranean climate because of its coldest month just peaking over 27-degrees Celsius.


Traveling in and around Spokane is easy, thanks to the great management system of the Spokane Transit Authority. Automobiles generally dominate the streets of the city, but there are moments in Spokane’s past wherein electric streetcars and interurban lines were patronized by many of its locals.

Generally, buses are the main system of transportation in Spokane that can reach almost 85% of the total area, meaning that it covers almost all of the corners of the city.


Rail services are provided by the iconic Amtrak via the Spokane Intermodal Center. For air travelers, the main entry and exit point in the city is the Spokane International Airport.

What to See

Bing Crosby House

One of the most famous children of Spokane is definitely the music icon Bing Crosby and despite the fact that he’s not here anymore, most of his memories linger through the Bing Crosby House.


Now within the jurisdiction of Crosby’s very own alma mater Gonzaga University, the Bing Crosby House is home to a wide and impressive array of recording collections and paraphernalia donated personally by the artist.

Jundt Art Museum

If you want to satisfy your craving for something visually pleasing, then head straight to the Jundt Art Museum which is located in a university art center at the end of Pearl Street.


This museum houses different art pieces such as paintings and sculptures, which would definitely blow you away. Also, be one of the many who have seen firsthand the 18 feet chandelier displayed inside the museum which is carved by the masterful hands of glass artist, Dale Chihuly.

Spokane Falls

Well, one of the most frequented points of interest in the metropolis is definitely the Spokane Falls as this will bring you closer to the beauty of nature. The scenic ambience and the calming sound of flowing water will make you relaxed and recharged for another stroll down the city.


If you feel like getting closer to the gushing waters, then you can always ride on the so-called Spokane Falls SkyRide, which is a gondola that can take up to 15 minutes for your very own enjoyment.

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