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Well, many would say that you can’t have the best of both worlds but Nova Scotia’s Halifax pretty much has all the things it would need to thrive well and great as an in-demand tourist destination. The whole of Canada can be seen within the limits of Halifax, compacted and well-tended by the warm and hospitable Haligonians.

If ever you’d be fortunate enough to pass by or stay in Halifax, expect the salted air to drift by to give you a more relaxed feel, the aesthetically pleasing lawns and gardens to shoo all the negativities away and the bustling canopies of arts, culture, modern living and urban setting compounded to provide you a vacation that is worthy and memorable. Halifax is one of the few places on this planet which can present you a Utopia-like environment, and the best time to visit it is now.




Known to be the capital of Nova Scotia, Halifax spans a total land area of 2,119.77 square miles and got its highest elevation at 793.6 feet above ground.

Currently, Halifax is being inhabited by a whopping total of 408,702 and is ranked the 13th most populous on Canadian cities. As of now, Halifax is the glued result of four Canadian municipalities such as Bedford, Halifax, Dartmouth and Halifax County.



As according to the much reliable Koppen Climate Classification, Halifax is categorized on two classes, humid continental climate bordering the Oceanic climate. This means that the city is experiencing winters that are mild and perfectly balanced and summers that are warm yet tolerable relative to temperature.

If you love frigid weathers, then go to Halifax by January and you will be submerged into a mean temperature of -0.1 degrees Celsius while for those who can’t get their head out of summers, then August will be the perfect time for you to visit the city. Rainfall is said to be experienced all year round.



Since it is surrounded by humongous bodies of water, it’s quite normal that Halifax uses its docks for both cargo and mass transit vessels. The illustrious Halifax Harbor is being managed by the Halifax Authority and public ferry services can be subscribed into if you want to go to connecting areas such as that in Dartmouth.

For land travel, visitors can succumb to the services of the Halifax Railway Station and the Halifax Stanfield International Airport is open for in and out air travels. Within the city, roaming around is being managed by the Halifax Transit.

What to See

Art Gallery of Nova Scotia


If you wish to really know the art situation in Halifax, then pay the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia a visit and you’d be exposed to different forms of art and installations. In here, you’d be able to see one of the most frequented permanent exhibits within the gallery which is the so-called Maud Lewis Painted House and be wowed with the serious art injected on it. Rebel on art that is both old and modern and feel free to visit it especially on July and August wherein tours are being given free in a daily basis.

Public Gardens of Halifax


There’s no better way to enjoy the city of Halifax but by being outside, marvelously experiencing the fresh air and greeneries that can be found almost anywhere. For you to have a better glimpse of how Haligonians spend their daily routines, then sit by the Public Gardens of Halifax and be amazed by how easily you can blend in. Feast your eyes to years of history as well-manicured Victorian gardens would please you same as scenes of locals going about their daily businesses.

Citadel Hill National Historic Site


Perched atop the Halifax Hill lies the iconic and legendary Citadel Hill National Historic Site which will give you both the majesty and the creeps. This edifice is one of the longest standing buildings in the whole of Canada and is said to be erected between the glorious years of 1818 and 1861.

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