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If there’s one thing that the city of Innsbruck can be proud of, it would certainly be its immediate surroundings. No matter which direction you look, there’s a view waiting to amaze and captivate you; from the rocky edges of a nearby mountain range that looks like swords glinting at the rays of the sun, or the mellow rustling of verdant leaves crowding the walls of houses.


Summer will never be as astounding in any place other than Innsbruck and the outdoor activities that you can engage in are endless. The picturesque views might be the best thing that you can get out of this city, but there’s really more to the visually-pleasing ambience, as the warmth of the people and the strings of enjoyment that you can experience will be enough to excite and perk you up when you visit.


Specifically, Innsbruck is located in Western Austria and is known to be the capital city of Tyrol. Innsbruck is situated halfway between two European cities, which are Munich and Verona, also known to be surrounded with different mountain ranges such as Inn and the Wipp Valley.


The city of Innsbruck spans a total land area of only 40.51 square miles and is currently populated by just 130,000 inhabitants.


According to the reliable Koppen Climate Classification, Innsbruck experiences a continental climate much like the rest of Central Europe. Hot temperatures are said to begin in May and could stretch until the month of September with an average of 24.7-degrees Celsius. On the other hand, frigidity can be felt starting December and would last for just three months until February.


Per annum, Innsbruck accumulates 35.29 inches of precipitation and 43.43 inches of snow, owing to 118.2 rainy days and 65.1 snowy days respectively.


If you’re traveling by train or rail, then the services you’ll subscribe to would be the station called Innsbruck Hauptbahnhof, known to be one of the busiest in the whole of Austria.


At the western part of the city lies the aviation terminal Innsbruck Airport. Within the city, the illustrious Innsbrucker Verkehrsbetriebe (IVB) manages transportation methods such as trams and busses.

What to See

Schloss Ambras

For a piece of history still standing up to this very day, you might want to visit the Schloss Ambras, which is set upon a hill and majestically sits amid beautiful and well-tended gardens.


Erected in 1564, the Schloss Ambras is now a tourist destination for people who wish to see what a fortress or a castle looks like in real-life, and most of them are satisfied with how this edifice sates their cravings.


The different shades of Tyrol art and the upgraded versions of these inspirations can be found inside the illustrious Volkskunstmuseum just a couple of steps away from the city center. Housed within the walls of this museum are hand-carved sleighs and other Christmas ornaments, impressive carnival masks and cowbells.


Be mesmerized by the restored Gothic parlor on the first floor, complete with rustic wood paneling and an antique oven.

Dom St. Jakob

Erected by the artistic hands and geniuses of the well-celebrated Asam Brothers of Munich, Germany, the Dom St. Jakob is one of the most visited places of interest in the whole of Innsbruck.


The 18th-century cathedral bursts with Baroque-inspired architecture, fascinating art and stucco handwork made to please your senses.

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