Don’t Ever Miss Out on Shenzhen: It’s Brilliant and Extraordinary


We all know that China is such a huge country that their population is filled to the brim, hence the birth of Chinatowns all over the world. Everyday is a scene of beautiful chaos involving hordes of people going about their daily routines, all without losing that lively vibe even in the smallest corner. Shenzhen retains the same aura that it’s mother country cascades: full of vigor, diversity and extravagance.


The thriving city of Shenzhen will introduce you to a colorful mix of art, independence and night life, along with entertainment hubs and amusement parks for your family to marvel on. Shenzhen is a smaller representation of China, and it offers nothing but the best for your enjoyment and convenience.


If you’ve been to Hong Kong, you’ve probably seen travel leaflets going around inviting you to visit Shenzhen. The city is just on the northern tip of Hong Kong and is bordered by Huizhou on its northeastern side with Dongguan on the northwestern edge.


To Shenzhen’s immediate east lies the majestic Mirs Bay, while the Pearl River and Lingdingyang are to the west.


On the world map, Shenzhen is situated just a single degree off the Tropic of Cancer, making it susceptible to the so-called Siberian anticyclone. Due to this, Shenzhen is categorized by the Koppen Climate Classification under a humid subtropical climate, which is distinctively warm and influenced by monsoons.


Temperatures are said to rise when June kicks in, and it starts to feel frigid in November. Quite oddly, June is also one of the wettest months, garnering 347 millimeters of precipitation in total, following August with 354 millimeters of rainfall.


For those traveling via railway, look for the city’s central station located at the junction of Renmin Nan Road, Jianshe Road and Heping Road. It is called the Shenzhen Railway Station and can transport you to other parts of China with little to no hassle.


In total, Shenzhen boasts a whopping total of 162 miles of coastline, which connects it to neighboring towns and suburbs via water travel. Cargo shipments and trade are quite abundant in the city, making it the third busiest port in the entire globe.

As for air travel, you’ll definitely subscribe to the services offered by the illustrious Shenzhen Airlines and Jade Cargo International, bringing you in and out of the Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport which is 22 miles from the city center.

What to See

Window of the World

Aside from the various theme parks scattered all over Shenzhen, many tourists never discount the enjoyment that can be found in the Window of the World. This frequented tourist destination will provide you with scale replicas of the world’s most famous infrastructures and monuments, giving you a glimpse of how they look like.


Visit Windows of the World before sunset and you’ll be able to see all the replicas with proper lighting since not all would have their own spotlight when night falls.

Splendid China

If you want to see the old China and the minority culture thriving in it until this very day, don’t forget to visit Splendid China and you’ll get what you’re looking for. Aside from the miniature replicas of the country’s most famous points of interest, you’ll be delighted to roam around faux villages that display intrinsic minority culture and lifestyle.


Splendid China is linked to other amusement and theme parks in Shenzhen; you just need to use the mini-monorail operated by Shenzhen Happy Line Tour Co.

Dapeng Fortress

Built approximately 600 years ago, the Dapeng Fortress might look like it’s been pulled out of a history book for its rawness and downright nostalgic vibe.


Here, you’ll have picture-perfect backdrops of fortress gates, towering mansions and well-tended temples from the Qing and Ming dynasties, which are indications of how strong the past royalties were in Shenzhen.

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