Fulfill Your Dream Summer Extravaganza in the Pleasurable Sihanoukville Province

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Every year, we all crave for a dip in the cool waters of the beach, smelling the salty air coming from the horizon and feeling the vibe that only a summer vacation can offer. If you’re planning to go on an international summer escapade, then you must never remove Sihanoukville Province from your prime options. Bordering the country of Cambodia, the beaches present in this province will definitely amaze you with their sheer beauty and incomparable appeal.


The plethora of places where you can swim and get tanned will amaze and exhaust you at the same time. Be kissed by the heat of the summer sun and connect deeply with the equally warm welcome that the locals offer. Certainly, Sihanoukville Province will provide you with an unforgettable getaway from the chaotic metropolis life.


Specifically, Sihanoukville Province can be found touching the Gulf of Thailand in Cambodia’s southernmost tip. The total area that Sihanoukville Province spans is currently at 2,536 square kilometers including a peninsula and all other bodies of land.


As of the last count, the residential expanse of the province is inhabited by a total of 199,902 locals, which makes this place the 17th most populous in Cambodia.


Every year, Sihanoukville Province experiences two distinct seasons, namely the wet and dry seasons. According to the Koppen Climate Classification, Sihanoukville Province is classified under the tropical monsoon climate, which equates to a balanced ambient temperature, measuring an average of 25.07-degrees Celsius in an annual scale.


Precipitation can also be felt even though the province is by the sea, accumulating a total of 87.04 inches of precipitation per year.


Since street and driving laws are mostly not followed by locals, Sihanoukville Province is a tapestry of different communal methods of transportation such as taxis, mini-buses, motor taxis and the local tuk-tuk.


If you’re coming in from a different suburb or city in Cambodia, you’d be delighted to know that Sihanoukville Province is connected to the rest of the country via fully functional highways. National Highway 4 connects the province to Phnom Penh, National Highway 3 bridges Sihanoukville Province to Kampot while National Highway 48 can transport you to and from Koh Kong Province.

What to See

Otres Beach

Reminiscent of the famous Thailand beaches, Otres Beach is a fine shoreline which will certainly amaze you in all ways possible. Perched just behind the equally stunning Ochheuteal Beach and the Hill of the King’s Palace, this hidden gem of white sand and cerulean waters is the place to be when you want to relax after a tiring hike on the hilly parts of Cambodia.


The cleanliness of the beach itself lures in more and more travelers to try and take a dip, and locals are hoping that the beauty of it will never fade after frequented by visitors.

Kbal Chhay Cascades

The Kbal Chhay Cascades is associated with one of the most popular Cambodian films right after the civil war, and now, it is known to be a very famous tourist destination in Sihanoukville Province.


Dip into its very refreshing waters, and let your kids enjoy the life underwater just by letting them swim. Though kind of difficult to go to, the flux of people wanting to visit this place keep increasing as years pass.

Sokha Beach

This 1.5-kilometer stretch of grand beauty and the serenity that comes with it can be directly attributed to the illustrious Sokha Beach.


Known to be rarely crowded, only a few meters of its eastern edge are open to public use, ensuring that the white strips of powdery sand won’t be polluted by too much tourism.

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