The Refinements, the Affluence and the Diversity of the Eponymous The Hague

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If you wish to experience The Netherlands in a more luxurious manner, then you don’t need to go anywhere else than the iconic city of The Hague. Also known as Den Haag, the city is fiercely connected to everything fancy. The streets are dotted with magnificent embassies, sprawling mansions, well-tended verdant parks, a wide variety of options for fine dining, cafeterias and so much more.


Amid the very vibrant and flamboyant ambience are impenetrable royal ties which make it all the more appealing to travelers over the last couple of decades. The Hague is connected to different nations and expatriates, making the city setting more diverse with the cultural mix found within every single day. Truly a colorful setting to spend your vacation escapade, The Hague won’t disappoint you at all.


Specifically, The Hague can be found within the central region of its mother country. Regarded quite aptly as the largest Dutch city on the scope of the North Sea, The Hague is circled with various places such as Delft, Rotterdam, Westland, Wateringen, Nootdorp, Pijnacker, Voorburg and Rijswijk among many others.


The Hague spans quite a large municipal zone at 37.8 square miles, total land area at 31.61 square miles and water area at 6.27 square miles.


Similar to most of the towns and cities in the Netherlands, the reliable Koppen Climate Classification categorizes The Hague under the temperate oceanic climate class. August is known to be the hottest month which has 34.6-degrees Celsius of ambient temperature, while January registers the lowest with 3.6-degrees Celsius.


Due to its location at the coastline, The Hague has cooler summers and tolerable winters, sprinkled with a good amount of sunshine in a yearly basis. Annually, The Hague accumulates 20 snowy days, 132 days of rain and 1,726.1 sunshine hours.


For people who wish to roam around the city without too much hassle between transfers, then you could definitely subscribe to the services offered by railway stations such as the Central Station and Hollands Spoor. The Randstad Rail is an easy way for you to be connected to towns and nearby cities, while bus systems are quite abundant for your day trips.


The most common aviation terminal used by people who visit The Hague frequently is the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, which the city shares with the nearby neighborhood of Rotterdam.

What to See


Known as one of the most frequented places for day tours and trips, the iconic Binnenhof is truly a majestic place for you to visit. The courtyard is a colorful string of history strewn into The Hague’s background as it was once used as a location for public executions.


Be mesmerized by the parliamentary buildings lining up its borders and you must be keen in booking a guided tour of Binnenhof as there’s a huge number of visitors you will have to share it with.

Grote Kerk

Aside from being a place for religious worship, many travelers who have visited Grote Kerk swear by the beauty that it displays from both the outside and the inside.


Erected in the 1450s, Grote Kerk is now an avenue for you to experience captivating organ recitals and unforgettable concerts meant to tickle the interest in you.


Due to the thriving mix of nationalities found in The Hague, you shouldn’t miss out on visiting the Gemeentemuseum which features a wide array of works from different cultures. The Berlage-inspired design of the building itself is an artwork of its own, and you will be awed when you reach the pieces housed within the museum.


Immerse yourself into 19th century artifacts and an intriguing collection of art from neoplasticist artists.

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