The Soothing Arms of Blenheim Will Put You on a High

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There are times when we all crave for something relaxing, soothing and inactive while we are on vacation. While the sound of the waves slamming into the shore is exciting and the honks of horns while you’re sipping a cup of local coffee are alluring, nothing compares to that time when you’re just lounging on a creaking bench and looking at a mesmerizing horizon of sunlight, greenery and the cerulean skies.


If you’re one of the millions who want to have this kind of escapade, then worry no more as the peaceful city of Blenheim in New Zealand will quench your thirst effectively. Serenity and relaxation at its finest, this humble city will never disappoint you.


Blenheim is situated in the Marlborough region, at the northeastern tip of New Zealand’s South Island. Blenheim is a flat area which is immediately surrounded by sloping hills and towering bodies of land.


As for its waters, the city is at the meeting point of two of the country’s most famous rivers: Ōpaoa and Taylor.


One of the nicest things that you can experience in Blenheim is its general weather conditions. Here, the climate is mild and consistent due to the mountain ranges and hills balancing the extremes of sunlight, wind and rain.


The average daily temperature in Blenheim is recorded at 12.6-degrees Celsius, with the highest temperatures evident in December, January and February. For the precipitation standings, Blenheim gets 81.5 days of rain with 27.99 inches of precipitation, while humidity is at 75.4% yearly.


There are two aviation terminals in Blenheim which you can use for air travel, namely the Woodbourne Airport and the Omaka Aerodrome for private aircraft.


For rail options, the best choice for you is the Main North Line while the Blenheim Riverside Railway caters to everyone who wishes to skim through the whole town.

What to See

Cloudy Bay

There are many wineries present in Blenheim, but one of the most striking is the illustrious Cloudy Bay. Aside from the breathtaking view of the produce filling all space available, many visitors swear by the hospitality offered in this establishment, alongside the variations of food that can be sampled while you’re skimming their well-tended farms.


Here, you can satisfy your cravings for shucked clams and oysters, together with fantastic choices of wine that are both locally-produced and imported.

Pollard Park

For utter relaxation with a little bit of physical activity, Pollard Park is a place you must visit, as it is just ten minutes away from Blenheim’s center.


The 25-hectare expanse of land displays gardens that are scented, blooms that are irresistibly pleasing, a nine-hole golf course and even playgrounds for your children. Stroll the day away and take a break from stress as you take in all of Pollard Park’s grandeur.

Auntsfield Estate

You might want to arrange a visit in advance as the Auntsfield Estate is fully booked all year long. With the well-manicured fields swaying in the undisturbed gusts of wind and the picturesque scene as if it were pulled from a painting, the Auntsfield Estate is something you shouldn’t miss.


Tours are available for just $20 as of the most recent posting, and every penny spent is truly worth it.

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